About Me

Hello there and welcome!

My name is Nicola, I’m the proud mum of a little girl, who I’ll call ‘L’. She’s bright as a button, always smiling and wants to win ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ one day. We live happily in the vibrant city of Liverpool.

Aside from being a mum, I happen to have the best job in the world…I’m a baby yoga teacher who meets awesome babies, toddlers, young children and their mums every day.

Now, given the word ‘yoga’ is literally in my job title you’d be forgiven for making certain assumptions about me. You might imagine I’d be totally zen, in fabulous, willowy shape and have the aura of a magical rainbow unicorn. I’d like to say that any one of those things were true…but I’d be lying. Between work and mummyhood I’ve definitely neglected myself (in every area) lately, so my self-confidence isn’t at peak unicorn.

I’m about to make some changes though. I’m going to try new stuff that makes me feel happy. I’d kind of like to make improvements to my mind, body and soul (wouldn’t we all!). I guess this blog is my way of documenting what I hope will be my own mini ‘metamorphosis’. I want to share the adventure with you. You see, I know from experience with the nursery ‘class bear’ that writing down your activities for an audience makes you up your game in the ‘exotic and interesting’ stakes. 😆

So, as well as blogging about my life as a parent and other things here and there, I’ll be asking myself some questions. What if we as mums take a leap out of our comfort zones and try some new things just for us? What if we set some time aside, no matter how small, to do something that makes us smile each day?

It would be great if you fancied following me and maybe giving it a try too.

Nicola x

Pre-Pregnancy me!
My beautiful dancer