A Flexitarian Tricenarian…easy for you to say!

Food glorious food! As part of my MetamorphoMum transformation I’m going to have to start thinking about diet, aren’t I. This is the last year of my thirties, I can put it off no longer. To be fair, I’m a firm believer that what we eat affects the way we feel, how much energy we have and how we function generally. Unfortunately, me being a firm believer of something doesn’t always mean that I pay any attention to myself. I eat too much sugar (in chocolate form mainly), I snack at my desk far too often and I don’t eat nearly enough fruit & veg. This ensures I stay podgier than a baby yoga teacher should be and often with the energy of a failing sloth. Sound familiar?

Recently I’d been hearing good things about a new independent business working from a small shop in South Liverpool. As well as organic fruit and vegetables, Root 22 sells spices, grains, nuts, seeds and fresh juices. They also deliver fresh fruit and veg boxes to houses across Merseyside at no extra cost and offer a discounted subscription service. Like I said, I don’t eat enough fruit and veg, perhaps a shop like this could be a way to improve my diet…also my mum’s just said I could have her spare spiralizer. Spiral food – I’m sold!

So last week, being as the (not yet quite spring) sun was shining like a good’un and making me feel chirpy, I decided to head over to Root 22 to grab some lovely fresh produce. L was excited to go and dressed herself in bright spring clothes, accessorised with bejewelled sunglasses and a monogrammed mini tote bag. Honestly, that girl likes to dress to impress at all times…the slogan on her sweatshirt is very apt – ‘Sparkle wherever you go!’ I need to take lessons from her.

At the store, Gary the owner couldn’t have been more helpful. We chose some beautifully fresh produce including some carrots which were straight from the ground, a bright yellow courgette, some vibrant green broccoli, a bunch of bananas and a sweet, rosy apple. The experience of visiting the store was great for L. She got to see the vivid colours, smell the smells and even feel the fruit and veg minus plastic wrapping. She watched intently as Gary weighed our items and then she squeezed them into her tote bag (or ‘toad’ bag as she kept mistakenly calling it). I think it’s nice for kids to have a chance to see stuff like this. To understand where our food comes from and what it looks like in its natural form.

Our visit to Root 22, seeing all of that colourful goodness, really inspired me to think about the meals I cook at home. I don’t really eat a lot of meat to be honest, not for any real reason, ideology or belief – I guess I’m just not a big meat eater. The idea of flexitarianism appeals to me though, both for reasons of health and also in reducing my carbon footprint. Right now I definitely don’t get the best out of natural ingredients like vegetables, pulses and beans etc. (beans, corn and coleslaw from KFC count though, right? 😆). Luckily this blog is all about fresh starts! I just ordered myself a new cookbook that might help give me a kick up the bottom to start eating more healthily and include more fresh and plant based ingredients. The book is called ‘The Reducetarian Cookbook: 125+ Easy, Healthy, and Delicious Plant-Based Recipes for Omnivores, Vegans, and Everyone In-Between’. I’ll try some recipes out and let you know how they go on this blog.

Maybe, if I like the recipes, I’ll be able to call myself a flexitarian tricenarian! Well, until I hit forty next year and become a flexitarian quadragenarian 😱 – Is there a name for one of those who eats mainly spiralized foods? 

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